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Lemongrass Ginger

Introducing our new in-house tea blend lemongrass ginger. Blended with ginger bits, it has an antioxidant and anti inflammatory benefits. This blend definitely is good for recovery and detox. Add honey and lemon to give a sweet flavour.


Lavender Rose Mint

Introducing our new in-house tea blend. Strong fragrance of Lavender flowers balanced by floral Rose bud with a pinch of minty Peppermint leaves. Gives a relaxing aromatherapy fragrance after a long day.


Blue Aurora

Another in-house flower tea, famous for it's blue dye colour when steeped in hot water. This amazing butterfly pea flower changes colour from blue to purple when added with lemon juice. Naturally, the tea has little fragrance of wooden, natural flavour. Looking for natural blue food dye? Choose this!

Rosabella Rose Tea

Rose bud tea that has a fragrance taste by nature and is absolutely one of our Signature Tea Collection. A rare gem that gives you a calm and relaxing feeling on a hectic day.


Roman chamomile whole flowers from the Nile River, Egypt.


Dry-cut peppermint leaves (native to the Mediterranean region) from North America.

Refreshing Tea Break

Ceylon black tea & Ceylon green tea with peppermint, lemongrass & lemon peel.

  Lychee Fiesta

Chinese green tea, rose petals & flavour.

Mango Punch

Pure Ceylon black tea with mango dices & flavour.

Summer Passion Fruit

Pure Ceylon black tea, marigold flowers, passion fruit dices & flavour.

Blissful Berries

A blend of hibiscus petals, apple, elderberries, rosehips, raspberry, blackberry & strawberry fruit dices.

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