Rosabella Rose Tea

Rose bud tea that has a fragrance taste by nature and is absolutely one of our Signature Tea Collection. A rare gem that gives you a calm and relaxing feeling on a hectic day.


Roman chamomile whole flowers from the Nile River, Egypt.


Dry-cut peppermint leaves (native to the Mediterranean region) from North America.

Evergreen Tea

Ceylon hyson green tea from Sri Lanka’s finest highland tea garden.

Refreshing Tea Break

Ceylon black tea & Ceylon green tea with peppermint, lemongrass & lemon peel.

Lychee Fiesta

Chinese green tea, rose petals & flavour.

Eternal Garden Tea

Pure Ceylon black tea, rose petals & rose flavour.

Mango Punch

Pure Ceylon black tea with mango dices & flavour.


Pure Ceylon black tea with a blend of fruit dices (apple, passion fruit, raspberry mango, soursop, orange & pineapple) & safflower.

Summer Passion Fruit

Pure Ceylon black tea, marigold flowers, passion fruit dices & flavour.

Blissful Berries

A blend of hibiscus petals, apple, elderberries, rosehips, raspberry, blackberry & strawberry fruit dices.

Cranberry Sunrise

Cranberry & papaya dices, with beetroot, apple pomace, hibiscus blossoms, black tea, sweet blackberry leaves, orange peel & sunflower petals.

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