Signature Rosabella Rose Tea

Signature Rosabella Rose Tea


Here's our new Signature Tea Collection - Rosabella Rose Tea. It comes in 30g ($10.00) and 60g ($20.00) tea pouch.


This rose tea is absolutely fragrant and it gives a relaxing and calm taste. Rose flower itself provides many benefits especially for the skin, and if you realized rose water are found in some of skin care products too.


We have done sampling of a few rose tea but none could beat the taste of this rose tea.


Hurry, we're having an introductory offer of $8.00 for 30g/pouch and $16 for 60g/pouch until end October 2018. Kindly add the item to the cart and submit your order.

  • Additional info

    How to brew the rose tea:

    1. Brew around 8 to 10 rose bud tea with 50ml of hot water.

    2. Let it brew for about 10 mins.

    3. Optional for you to put in honey or sugar to taste. I would prefer it to be natural as the fragrant taste is good enough.

    4. You can brew the rose tea again for the second time