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Launch of in-house tea: Baby Chrysanthemum Tea

Updated: May 25, 2018

Introduction to our new in-house tea - Baby Chrysanthemum tea.

It is available now at our website in a form of small Tea Pouch 20g and Medium Tea Pouch 40g.

Similar to chamomile tea, it is best to go with honey as a sweetener.

This baby chrysanthemum tea flower bud possess more sweeter and fragrant taste as compared to common full blown chrysanthemum tea flowers.

How to brew:

1. Take 10 to 15 flower bud and infuse in around 300ml of hot water.

2. Wait for about 8 to 10 mins until the flower blooms.

3. Add in honey to have that mild sweeter taste or alternatively put in sugar.

You will love the beautiful fragrant smell and taste. It's definitely a natural coolant for a hot day! There are a lot of benefits too that we will share with you later.

If you purchase our tea bottle, you'll received small pouch of baby chrysanthemum tea (20g) for FREE from now till 30 June 2018.

Get yours now!

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