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Happy Mother's Day to all wonderful mother's out there!

A joyful occasion full of lunches, dinners, gifts and flowers in appreciation for your endless tender loving care for your children.

We would like to say thank you to those who have purchase our gift sets!

Our hot selling 8pc tea tubes are ideal especially for those who would like to try out different kind of tea flavours. It is wrapped with our customized Devigne Faveur ribbon and wooden boxes. Our ribbon, and sticker design are all designed in house by the owner of Devigne Faveur herself. The tea pouch and tea bottle set are popular too, as you get the best of both world at a lower price.

Congratulations to Sharkykiki, for winning the Preserved Rainbow Rose for Mother's Day giveaway contest. Here's what the 11 years old girl got to say "What makes my mum special is that she has sacrifice a lot for me and my sister and even tho we have arguments at times, I know that she still love me and I love her..." Hope your mum loves it and hope we have made your dreams come true!

Here at Devigne Faveur, we focus on coming out with practical gift sets, yet having an aesthetically luxurious looking packaging and we have a lower range product and packaging as well to serve the daily needs.

We will also be introducing more variety of gift sets and products for our customer to choose from. New in-house teas are in the pipeline to be launched! Stay tune for updates.

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