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Baby Chrysanthemum Tea, A Health Benefit Drink

Read the article to find our more on the benefits of drinking Baby Chrysanthemum Tea

DO YOU KNOW? That chrysanthemum tea have plenty of benefits?

Skin care: There is a significant amount of beta-carotene which break down into vitamin A to serve different purpose in the body. Vitamin A acts as an antioxidant and eliminate stress to the body. As such, it clears up skin irritation and redness.

Anti-inflammatory agent: Induces calmness, cool down the body and reduce inflammation. Excellent to reduce swelling in the throat, itchiness of the eyes and many more. Drinking this tea when you're sick is a wise choice.

Boost immune system: Vitamin C, A, magnesium, potassium, calcium are present in this tea which is beneficial for healthy immune system.

Natural coolant: Act as a natural coolant and alleviate heat rash and sunstroke. Add in baby chrysanthemum tea flower with our peppermint or refreshing tea break and honey for a refreshing drink!

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