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"Be a rainbow in someone else's cloud"

Because we know that our gifts will not be complete without flowers for Mother's Day.

We've just launched our lovely rainbow roses two days after first official launch! We have single colour red and blue roses too. Yes, these roses are real and natural!

These preserved roses can last for up to 1 year but it is dependent on humidity. The roses are dyed and preserved with chemicals.

Like any other preserved roses, there will be some leakage, and that is normal for any preserved flowers due to humidity. Singapore have a much warmer climate.

In order for it to stay long, we encourage our customers to adhere to special care for preserved roses. That includes:

1. Do not put in direct sunlight or near to windows - This will cause the petals to fade even faster.

2. Do not place in air condition room - It will make the flower dry and the flowers or leave will break.

3. Try not to touch the petals - It's irresistible! Preserved roses are harder than it's original form. Touching it will cause the petals to tear!

4. Best to keep in the cylinder box - Stay safe!

It's now available at our online store for purchase. Keep your eyes on it!

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