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10% Off Preserved Rainbow Rose

Updated: May 8, 2018

Hello there!

We are clearing away these preserved rainbow roses at 10% reduction from $30, to a final price of $27.00 from 4th May to 8th May 2018.

Simply follow us on our instagram @devignefaveur and enter the coupon code mentioned in our instagram during checkout.

We would like to say Thank You to those who have purchase our preserved rainbow roses and we hope that you or your mum love it!

For those who have purchased from us, please remember to refer to the leaflet on giving special care for the roses.

If you have thrown the leaflet away, no worries! We're written it out for you here:


Preserved Roses are fresh, natural roses with preservation that can last for 1 to 2 years.

The best condition for keeping the preserved roses is 30% to 65% humidity.

1. The preservation contains dewatering; the fresh rose’s moisture is replaced by the preserved liquid. So, preserved roses are some kind of dried flowers, which should be kept away from getting wet. Moist air, humid climate will cause few liquids to leak out. This is the

normal circumstances. Any preserved flowers will encounter this.

2. It can’t be exposed in the room air condition. Same as No. 1. Too dry will make the roses lose it’s preserved liquid. The rose petals will become drier and break.

3. The colours of the preserved flowers are dyed, so they will fade away. Light colours fade

easier than deep colours. Direct sunlight or strong light will fade the colours. So don’t expose the preserved rose to direct sunlight or strong light. The colours won’t fade in the first three months at least with good keeping.

4. Better to keep the preserved roses in the sealed box. It can help to keep the roses long

lasting with their beauty. In open box doesn’t mean the flowers will lose it’s beauty, but it depend on the climate and room condition.

5. Try not to touch the petals although it’s irresistible! It might damage the petals.

6. The preserved roses are real, natural roses. The whole bud size will have difference during

different seasons. In winter and spring, roses will be smaller than the summer and autumn ones.

7. The preserved rose is without any smell of the original rose smell. But it has slight smell

of preservation, which will fade away in several weeks.

No watering required.

No need to put in the fridge.

Do not exposed in sunlight.

Do not exposed in air condition room.

Keep in enclosed cylinder box.

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