Tea Pouch (Small or Medium size)

Tea Pouch (Small or Medium size)

For your daily consumption of tea and ideal for door gifts too. Choose your favourite tea from these tea flavours. Click on "Tea Info" in our menu for list of 12 tea flavours.You can choose to have it in small pouch or medium size pouch.Pricing (Small Pouch)Baby Chrysanthemum 20g - $7.00Blissful Berries 40g - $12.00Cranberry Sunrise 40g - $12.00Chamomile 20g - $8.00Peppermint 20g - $8.00Eternal Garden Tea 40g - $8.00Evergreen Tea 40g - $8.00Refreshing Tea Break 30g - $8.00Lychee Fiesta 40g - $9.00Summer Passion Fruit 40g - $9.00Mango Punch 40g - $9.00Fruitopia 40g - $9.00Pricing (Medium Pouch)Baby Chrysanthemum 40g - $14.00Blissful Berries 100g - $26.00Cranberry Sunrise 100g - $26.00Chamomile 40g - $16.00Peppermint 40g - $16.00Eternal Garden Tea 100g - $19.00Evergreen Tea 100g - $19.00Refreshing Tea Break 100g - $22.00Lychee Fiesta 100g - $22.00Summer Passion Fruit 100g - $22.00Mango Punch 100g - $22.00Fruitopia 100g - $22.00
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    Standard packaging: Kraft Pouch & Devigne Faveur Ribbon

    Tea supply: From The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. except for Baby Chrysanthemum. Baby Chrysantheum are our in-house tea brand.

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