Tea-to-Go (T2G) & Tea Pouch

Tea-to-Go (T2G) & Tea Pouch

Choose this bundle set ideal for first timer who would like to have both the tea infuser glass bottle and tea pouch. 

The gift set contain:

1. Jute drawstring bag (for the bottle)
2. Tea infuser glass bottle T2G
3. 1 x tea pouch (choose any tea of your choice, refer below)
4. Items wrapped in kraft box, Devigne Faveur ribbon and artificial red berries. 

Portable Tea-To-Go (T2G) tea infuser bottle, perfect for the busy ones. With the T2G, you can now enjoy your tea while on the way to work, in the office or anytime you like. 

Leakproof and compact, ideal to be placed inside the bag and bring around wherever you go.

[Small Pouch - List of Tea Flavours]
Baby Chrysanthemum 20g
Blissful Berries 40g
Cranberry Sunrise 40g
Chamomile 20g
Peppermint 20g
Eternal Garden Tea 40g
Evergreen Tea 40g
Refreshing Tea Break 30g
Lychee Fiesta 40g
Summer Passion Fruit 40g
Mango Punch 40g
Fruitopia 40g
  • T2G Additional info

    Bottle type: Borosilicate Glass Tea Infuser Bottle

    Tea infuser: SUS 304 Stainless Steel

    Bottle cover: Bamboo Lid

    Size of bottle: 16.5cm (H) x 6.5cm (W)

    Sleeve type: Green cloth

  • T2G Instruction

    1. Place the silicone around the tea infuser on the bamboo lid

    2. Place around 1 to 2 teaspoon of loose tea into the tea infuser, and turn the tea infuser till tight to close.

    3. Place the sleeve around the bottle BEFORE pouring hot water to brew.

    IMPORTANT: As the bottle is not double wall insulated, the glass will be hot when hot water is poured in.

    4. Optional to add in some sugar for sweetness.

    5. Turn the bottle upside down for about 3 to 5mins for the loose tea to brew.