Preserved Rose (with Stem) & Tea Pouch

Preserved Rose (with Stem) & Tea Pouch

"Be a rainbow in someone else's cloud".

We know that roses are woman's best friend and our gift will not be complete without roses for Mother's Day. These are preserved real roses that are dyed with colours and can last for 1 to 2 years with special care. The roses are in an enclosed pvc cyliner box, and comes package with any of your fav tea in a small pouch.

We only have limited stocks now for our roses, so hurry before it's gone!

Note: Size of the roses buds are different in seasons. For the rainbow roses, the bud are slightly smaller than the red and blue.

You can also purchase just the rose itself.
  • Additional info

    Rose colour available: Rainbow, Red and Blue

    Packaging: 1 Rose in pvc cylinder box, 1 small tea pouch, kraft box and Devigne Faveur Ribbon

    Size of rose bud: Diameter 5cm

  • Special Care for Preserved Rose

    No watering.

    No putting in the fridge.

    Do not exposed in sunlight.

    Do not exposed in air condition room.

    Keep in enclosed cylinder box.

    Best kept in 30 to 65% humidity.